Cadet Transformation Challenge Complete!

TaliaWalsh February 21, 2018 0 comments 0

SUPER PROUD of Linsay ??????

She made a commitment to start the AdvoCare One/80 Transformation challenge with me in January to help take control of her health, and move her fitness to the next level while she prepared for her fitness test to get into the Police Academy. We weighed her in this morning. In the past 30 days she:
✔️Cleaned up her nutrition and started eating more with cleaner choices
✔️Lost 10 lbs of body fat and 10in
✔️Gained 1 lb of muscle
✔️Has stuck with 2 hrs of cardio per week
✔️Has lifted total body strength 3x/week
✔️Shaved 2 min 14 sec off her 1.5 mile time for testing
✔️Continuosly took products customized to her to fill in her nutritional gaps
✔️ROCKED her fitness test and was accepted into the Police Academy!!! ??
Most importantly, she has more energy and simply because she FEELS good she’s motivated to keep going and explore new ways to maintain this healthy lifestyle and she continues this journey. So proud of you for your dedication and commitment, for continuing to do the hard stuff even when you don’t feel like it, and even when no one’s watching. Grateful to walk along side ya each week as we lift our way to the next day! ? Can’t wait to see what the next 50 days bring!!


Over the past decade, Talia’s passion in preventative healthcare has motivated her to work with an array of different populations including cardiac rehab, gastric bypass, pediatric weight management, group exercise, personal training, posture rehab, yoga, wellness coaching, corporate fitness, athletes, supplementation, veterans and much more!

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