Glow Challenge

TaliaWalsh February 3, 2018 0 comments 0

I decided to test out AdvoCare’s new Glow Line for the past 90 days that was created to improve your hair, skin and nails from the inside out. (Includes Collagen- super yummy! Biotin and Amplify AT-vitamin E) These pictures were taken in the same room, same lighting, same time of day, 3 months apart with no make up and no filters! I’m guilty of being a soap & water girl and have never been one to invest much into skin care products BUT this line is worth investing in! My favorite results…the redness in my skin is gone and I swear my hair has never been stronger or shinier and others have noticed the shine less than one month in!

Over the past decade, Talia’s passion in preventative healthcare has motivated her to work with an array of different populations including cardiac rehab, gastric bypass, pediatric weight management, group exercise, personal training, posture rehab, yoga, wellness coaching, corporate fitness, athletes, supplementation, veterans and much more!

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