Quest Kick Start

Success starts here

Quest Kickstart Nutrition Consultation

We offer a nutrition consultation and goal setting session to get you started for only $99! Start with an assessment of where you are today and based on your goals, set specific nutrition and exercise guidelines to get your started toward your goals.

Nutrition & Supplementation

You’ll receive our:

  • PDF Nutrition Guide and Meal Plan (written by our RD)
  • Supplementation Guide
  • Grocery Shopping Guide
  • 30 minute Goal Setting Session
  • Body Composition Analysis & Measurements


We will review your personal goals and map out which Quest Studio Classes will set you up best for success. Together we will help you develop a routine that works best for your schedule and current lifestyle, along with an accountability system.


The Quest KickStart will help you lay the foundation for your success. It takes 21 days to create a habit and partnering with a Quest Coaching will ensure good habits happen. Continue your success working with one of our wellness coaches. (Contact us for hourly rates)

  • Goal Setting Reviews
  • Nutrition & Fitness Check-Ups
  • Measurement & Progress
  • Accountability

Community & Support

All Quest Studio staff are invested in you and our fitness community will make you feel welcome and motivated. For those doing Quest KickStart, with a free friend-pass, you can share your quest for fitness and health with others and bring a friend to class!  Join our fitness community on Facebook as well at Quest to Be Our Best.