Rockstar Results!

TaliaWalsh January 11, 2019 0 comments 0

What a difference a year can make! ????????
Before picture (left) January 9, 2018
HOLY MOLY (right) January 10, 2019
My mouth dropped when I saw Jamie’s picture come through my TimeHop this week! I see her almost daily at the studio, so the 15lbs and 5% body fat I knew she had lost over the past year didn’t seem quite as crazy as what it ACTUALLY IS!!! So I asked her, what were the Top 3 changes she made or actions she implemented in the last year that’s resulted in the transformation she’s made, and here’s what she said:

“I used to eat a lot more fast food being on the road all day. Now I meal prep and plan ahead. I cut the wheat flour and dairy as much as possible but I treat myself to fast food every now and then. I cut back on the sugar and salt. I added the AdvoCare shakes in the morning as a supplement to breakfast at Dunkin’ or McDonald’s. I stay committed to my workouts and started increasing my weights in class. With the help of MyZone (our heart rate monitor system) I can tell when I can push myself a little bit more.”

Girl, you’re a Rockstar and should feel proud of the transformation you’ve made! New 2019 Goal  = Pullups! ????

Over the past decade, Talia’s passion in preventative healthcare has motivated her to work with an array of different populations including cardiac rehab, gastric bypass, pediatric weight management, group exercise, personal training, posture rehab, yoga, wellness coaching, corporate fitness, athletes, supplementation, veterans and much more!

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