Introducing Hip Pop Fit!

TaliaWalsh November 5, 2019 0 comments 0

Every once in a while, the little things we wish in secret, the things we someday hope we could do but find ways to get around making the leap…somehow they find a way to get out to make it happen! A HUGE Congrats to Jess Magnot for teaching her first ever, Hip POP Fit dance fitness class at Quest Studio! She has been preparing for weeks and her hard work and dedication kicked our dance butts! We loved every second of it!!! We are so excited to welcome you into our Fitness Family!

Hip POP Fit is a fun, high-energy, cardio-dance workout. Before you take this class, get ready to get your heart rate pumping and burn some serious calories all while dancing to your favorite hip-hop and pop songs! This is a fun class for all ages and there is no dancing experience required.

Join Jessie every Tuesday at 5:30pm ($10 Drop In for non-members) at Quest Studio.


Over the past decade, Talia’s passion in preventative healthcare has motivated her to work with an array of different populations including cardiac rehab, gastric bypass, pediatric weight management, group exercise, personal training, posture rehab, yoga, wellness coaching, corporate fitness, athletes, supplementation, veterans and much more!